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And It is With a Friend

I think that I know of the most beautiful way to go
Through this time called life, with all it's strife,
And it is with a friend.

If ever I did see, standing there beside me,
Someone who would hear me, even when not near me,
I would know I was with a friend.

The nature of a friend is there until the end,
Whether in a hug or a smile, but all the while,
It is with a friend.

There are some who will be as fluid as the sea,
Who will come with the season and leave without reason.
But then there are the few, that special friendship crew,
That always will stay, no matter how far away.
These are the friends that follow all the bends
In that twisty little trail of life, so frail.
To catch your fall or to have a ball;
They are the team that are really what "it" means.

A friend is a fellow who will never loudly bellow
When you happen to forget about that little debt.
She is the gal who will always be your pal,
Even when you stomp out with a childish angry pout.
A secret told to a chum is one that will stay "mum",
And nothing is untold between friends who are like gold;
Precious and rare, they are the sort that really care.

To have such a treasure is a greatest pleasure.
But one of the best things, in all of the recountings,
Is that friends don't always need to talk;
That just being together on a quiet walk
Is enough to keep your mind content for an evening.

And as I write this verse, full of phrases terse,
I follow my thought to where it is caught,
And it is with a friend.

17 August 1987
David C Lawrence

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