The 2010 NEDoD Music Swap

NEDoD is the New England Denizens of Doom, a virtual motorcycle gang that sometimes pretends to be one in real life. Its origins are distinctly geeky, having grown out of the Usenet newsgroup, which existed before there even was a World Wide Web.

In January 2010, Dave Dunton wanted to do another round of the music swap that Kate Murphy had done several years prior, having an actual physical exchange of CDs to avoid the wrath of the RIAA and to force people to make some hard choices for tracks they wanted to share. Dave said,

The basic idea is that everyone who wants to participate puts together a mix CD of music that they love & don't think others on the list will have heard. This doesn't mean it has to be an obscure song or artist.

Remember this group spans a few *cough* generations and has people of wildly different backgrounds. What you may consider to be routine listening may be eclectic to others. Think great songs that wouldn't be on a top 40 list, not obscure for obscure's sake.


If you come up with a mix and realize that you wouldn't listen to it in your car CD player for a week straight, you've missed the target.

More than three dozen people signed up to make mix CDs. A few of them have have put their track lists online: