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Right Coast Ride XIV

Meadows of Dan, Virginia
29-31 July 2005

Clouds in the hollow at Lover's Leap
Carousel at the pizzeria
Live bluegrass at the pizzeria
More bluegrass
Camground chitchat
More shootin' the shit
Random camp shot
More randomness
Wayne's(?) motorcycle trailer camper
Checking out the Webster Boogie
Worst President Ever
Turd Blossom
Bic as bottle opener
Hanging out
Hanging out
Hanging out

There are two more pages of photos, the mugshots and the bike shots.

Rode over from the Raleigh-Durham area on Friday on a pleasantly cool though thoroughly overcast and occasionally drizzly day. At least it made for interesting cloud collections in the hollows, like the ones I tried to photograph at Lovers Leap. Police presence near the Blue Ridge Parkway was very high all weekend, apparently related to the nearby musical festival in Floyd.

Friday evening held a bit of a surprise as the pizza joint had live bluegrass music. Saturday was quite low key and lazy; didn't even warm up enough to follow through with the plan to find a swimming hole and go for a swim, so instead just hung around the campground for the bulk of the day, excepting a trip out to lunch and to visit the candy factory.

Sunday's ride home started quite early for me; I'm normally still asleep at 7:30am, not firing up my motorcycle. The intent had been to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way up to Waynesboro, jump on some back roads through the Shenandoah Valley, then slab the rest of the way through to Newburgh before picking up some other backroads into Massachusetts.

Rain and thick fog on the Parkway was not entirely unpleasant but killing my overall schedule for a return to Boston, so I bailed early at Roanoke to start the tedious Interstate miles there. Coming off the ridge I encountered a surprisingly long backup at a road crew guy holding a stop sign. After 10 minutes or so of waiting I surmised it was not a typical work zone so took a wild-assed guess about a way to keep moving in the right direction on other roads. My directional hunch turned out to be right and while on those other roads I discovered quite a lot of flash flood damage, leading me to believe that the problem back at the main road was related to it.

I stopped at Lynchburg for some fuel and a bite to eat. When I went to return the book I was reading to my saddlebag after lunch, the key broke off right in the lock, with no effort at all. Sonofabitch.

Met my mom and her husband at Matamoras, Pennsylvania, for dinner. He's a mechanic and did what he could to try to get the broken key out of the lock, but it just ended up wedged in farther. Oh well. I eventually needed a locksmith, several days later back in Boston, to fish the broken bit out with a specialized tool.

Got on to the Taconic Parkway up to Columbia County and Route 23 to cross the Berkshires. Rain had been dogging me all day and it sure didn't make the tar snakes all along 23 too much fun, but it still beat I-84 across Connecticut. Managed to make it to the Mass Pike right around dark for the final slab bit to Cambridge, some 850 miles for the day.

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