The Tenth Annual Right Coast Ride
July 6-8, 2001

The Right Coast Ride (RCR) is an annual gathering of the Denizens of Doom, Usenet's very own motorcycle gang. It is aimed at bringing together biker geeks from the "right" coast of North America – from the eastern seaboard to the Mississippi River. The RCR has been happening every year since 1992 as a floating event, moving around to various sites within the area bounded by the Mason-Dixon line on the north and the North Carolina/South Carolina border on the south. The 2001 RCR returned to West Virginia for the second time in its history, having previously been held at the Cass Scenic Railroad in 1993.

We stayed at the ACE Adventure Center near Oak Hill, West Virginia. ACE is an excellent hub for enjoying the great outdoors of West Virginia, with rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking and rock climbing all easily available as described in the original announcement of the event.

Oak Hill is on US Route 19, about 15 miles north of Beckley. The location is marked on this road map and this topographic map.

I took about 60 photos, spread over the following three pages:
Picture Page 1, Picture Page 2, Picture Page 3.

Ian Howie was also snapping away with the camera, which you can see at his site.

Sunday, the day everyone returned from the RCR, there was terrible flooding in central West Virginia, and I was trapped by the flood water in the nearby town of Minden, WV. I took many photographs while there.

The original Registration page has been preserved for future RCR planners ("Oompahs") who might find it useful. The income and expense report is also public.


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