I'm quite sorry that most of the pictures are not yet captioned. I've barely had time to take them. They also need to be edited to cull out the crappy shots, and a few need minor touching up such as brightening or rotation to level.


Self-indulgent tripe, a good bit of it written over a decade ago as a kid.


The poems are provided for comedic value, though I reluctantly confess I was serious at the time that I wrote them.

Random Crap

Odds and ends collected from other sources.


An incredibly moving photo essay of the support shown to the US from people around the world was put together by a friend of a friend, and has been mirrored here on my server to help spread the load of people viewing it.

Mirrors of this photo essay are at:

Pat Rosenheim set the slideshow to music, which you can watch at his site:

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