An incredibly moving photo essay of the support shown to the US from people around the world was put together by a friend of a friend, and has been mirrored here on our server to help spread the load of people viewing it.

Mirrors of this photo essay are at:

Sorry, not much of a front page. I haven't spent a lot of time making the site look pretty yet, just threw it together for things I've wanted to share with friends and family.

Looking for the official Dungeons and Dragons web site? It is at Wizards of the Coast.

David's area

An odd little diversion: search queries that led people to this site. It is amusing that a popular search term that led people here is for something that cannot be found on this site -- the one that refers to, um, pictures of a certain body part. In fact, dozens of hits had been racked up from search engines at MSN and AOL directing people to this top level page even though neither of those words had appeared anywhere on this site. Instills a lot of confidence in the MSN and AOL search engines, eh? Now the only place those words appear is on the list of search queries, which actually gives search engines a valid reason to find that page.

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